Our Mission:

To help men discover their purpose, recognize their opportunities in Christ and make them the dream of God.


Our Vision:

To raise a people of purpose distinguished through divine wealth and success - 1 Peter 2:9


About Us

The Dynasty House is a Word of Faith based Church located in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. We primarily build our lives and make our decisions on the Word of God (II Tim 3:15-17).

Dynasty from its definition connotes a sequence of ruler from the same family or group, a series of members of the same family who are distinguished for their wealth or success.

Dynasty also means a family of rulers who rule over a country for a long period of time.

A family, team etc that is very powerful or successful for a long period of time.

A succession of rulers of the same line of descent.

A powerful group or family that maintains its position for a considerable time.


Our Core Values


Matt 22 vs 37-40,
Rom 5vs 5


Dan 6 vs 3

The Supernatural

1 Cori 2 vs 9-16


Mark 10 vs 42-45


I Peter 2 vs 9


Proverbs 10 vs 22, Deuteronomy 8 vs 17-18


Word Study

The Dynasty House Lagos Centre is a Word of Faith based Church, where members primarily build their lives and make their decisions on the Word of God (II Tim 3:15-17). We will never get to a situation where we lose this cutting edge and give in to compromise.

Prayer And Dependence On God

We are known for effective prayer without ceasing based on the Word of God at all levels of our ministries (I Tim 2:1-3).


There is continuous growth, progress and improvement on how we carry out our ministry at the Dynasty House. There is be enhanced quality in all that we do. (Dan. 6:3)


Worship is the life style of achievers. We positioned ourselves to hear and act on the diverse instructions of God as we partner with Him on this assignment (Matt. 4:10, Matt. 22:37-40)

Personal Care

Every member of the Dynasty House feels the impact of our ministry on individual basis, however large we become. We ensure this through the dynamics among the area of influence groups.

Matured Christian Character (Heb. 1:9)

We empower people with Godly principles that will mature in them sound character, love, hope and integrity in their life endeavors.

Mentoring In Leadership (II Tim 2:1-2)

The essence of Christian Leadership is discipleship. We ensure mentoring and reproduction in all the area of influence.

Our Message

The life changing messages in the Dynasty House is built around the following biblical time proven principles:


Purpose, Power And Vision


Word of Faith Message


The Family Life Success


The Health and Wealth of the Individuals


Worship as a Lifestyle


The New Creation Realities


Nation Building


Discipleship & Mentoring

Get Involved in Our Activities

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Contact Info

Community Development Foundation Building,
1 Odusola Crescent beside Caleb International School, Ikosi GRA ketu, Lagos, Nigeria.

Phone:+234 808 003 4036
Email: info@thedynastyhouse.org