The Next Game Plan

Dear friend; I have one indelible confidence about life and destiny that no one desires to proceed on a game without the heart of winning at the end of the day… May we never work in vain in life; God is desirous of us been a great success.

So what's the next game Plan? Ladies and Gentlemen; know this that before a successful team of any sort be it in: Soccer, Company, Conglomerate, Corporate or Civil set out for a venture there's always a game plan in view and to be followed strictly! Recently a renowned Coach in the Soccer World was sacked from his celebrated Team in the English League; but you can see and hear it in the voice of his fans that he was more than a normal Coach; but was ageneral in that field and a formidable force of all times; but here we’re seeing in the dailies being welcome to another glorious team few days ago… So you need a game plan, determination and wake up to become the J. Mourhino of your time.

The Bible confirms that every successful Enterprise is based on wise planning... So what's the desire that you are deciding about for the new year 2016; these are not meant to be mental works, but you further need to write them down for actualization. I have engaged in being a life Coach through God’s word in the last few years; and have discovered that your best days of fulfilment have come by releasing my plans to the greatest Coach who lives in me; tendering it before him and allow him to approve the plans- Then there after I know that it has become an irrefutable, undeniable and unfailing plan. Still waiting eagerly to read from these impeccable writers of our time as I have been tremendously blessed of reading their post and being a beneficiary of the impeccable wisdom that God has deposited in them in the last few years; just to mention a few which are: Great People like Pst Jimi Tewe, Steve Harris, Banky Williams and Pst Deji Alabi; well if you don't write on this platform may be I'm yet to see it… I got very stirred few years ago taking a walk out of an Office that looks like a frustrated Room tearing my dreams off me by the way as I listened to a podcast that Steve did in December 2013 I felt like coming out of my skin and facing my real world to actualise my real dreams and get out of pretence... Some subject like: DO IT! Hey friend: Stop explaining your visions and dreams around- People are picking and doing it on your behalf that's what you don't know; So stand up and go and do it- Go and open that Shop; Go and start that Crèche; Go and start the School or vocational Classes... Open the new retail mobile card Service. It's time... Pull a call through to the Company; Go for that training; pit funds together travel for that training Class! It's time... Still waiting to shout Happy New Year? Too bad- Please wake up to reality!

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